What's the Power of Techron?

Chevron fuel contains Techron, a unique additive designed to protect your engine from harmful deposit buildup that can interfere with your car's performance. Keeping an engine clean with Techron maximizes mileage and helps prevent loss of power.

Techron uses a polyether amine (PEA)-based chemistry that's unbeatable at cleaning and protecting your engine. So you can keep your car as clean on the inside as it is on the outside.

Intake valve deposits from low quality gasoline and any fuel injector deposits can increase tailpipe emissions. Keeping your engine clean with Techron helps to lower these emissions.

Trust Texaco with Techron®

All gasoline is not created equal.

Just ask Audi, BMW, GM, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen who believe that Top Tier gasoline results in better overall performance for their cars. Top Tier - established in 2004, is a quality standard defining detergency levels in gasoline higher than what's currently required by the EPA.

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Denson Oil Company was started by W. K. Denson, Sr. in 1928 as the Jasper County, MS agent for Standard Oil Company of Kentucky. He began with a single service station and bulk plant to service the growing population of automobiles, kerosene lighting and heat demand, and tires, batteries and accessories.  Today we operate Denson Oil Company "Red Apple" convenience stores and wholesale business which serves its dealers and customers with fuels, lubes, and convenience store offerings across central and southern Mississippi. Denson Oil Company bulk fuels and lubricants are distributed from our bulk warehouse in Laurel, MS.