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A little history..   

  W.K. Denson, Sr. began selling motor fuels in 1927 when motor cars were just beginning to be seen on rural Mississippi roads, still dirt "highways" at the time.  Denson Oil Company began with a small bulk plant and a single retail service station providing gasoline, diesel, kerosene for heating, tires, and batteries.  Mr. Keown soon became an agent for Standard Oil Company of Kentucky.  During the earliest days, he delivered motor fuel to farmers and other area businesses using a mule-drawn wagon.  Soon, he added an "oil truck" to facilitate a larger and quicker delivery system.  Many remember how he whistled as he changed tires, pumped gasoline, washed windshields, and handed out bubble gum to all the children who accompanied their parents into the first service station in Bay Springs.

     In the early 1950's W.K. Denson, Jr., took over the day-to-day operations of the wholesale and retail operations as he continued to provide "Shonuf Good Service" to his customers.  Expansion began under his leadership, the wholesale business was relocated to neighboring Jones County, and W.K. became a jobber for Chevron USA.  His hard work ethic and his vision to expand the retail business was passed along to the next generation. 

     In 1983, his son Lloyd Denson ( joined the business bringing with him education in petroleum engineering and experience with the upstream end of the petroleum industry.  In 1993, his daughter Linda ( and her husband Gary Gordon ( joined the business to round out the team.  W. K.'s grandson Chris Denson ( joined the company in 2013 and granddaughter Beth Butler ( joined in 2019 to carry on the tradition.

     Denson Oil Company in Bay Springs currently owns and operates several convenience stores in central and south Mississippi as well as delivers gasoline, diesel, fuels and lubricants to other retail locations, industries, commercial customers, and farmers.  Denson Oil Company fuels and lubricants business is warehoused from its bulk plant located in Laurel, MS.